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Hello & Namaste'

My name is Sharon Walker... Welcome to my website!*!
I'm a 38 year old mother of 3 sons. I work as a CNA, a Certified Nurses Aide, with the elderly.

I am in part an artist, a mystic, a reiki practioner, a poet, a licensed Reverend, a dreamer, a believer... in part a mere mortal, who dances with her fears and shadows.
In all things, I simply am...a child, a part, a breath of God.

On this site you will find some of my art, some of my thoughts, quotes that I love, poetry from myself and others, links to sites I love..

The point of this page is to share the love, joy, wisdom of God. My beliefs are simple...That God is Love, that there is no separation, that we with our thoughts are co-creators in this beautiful eternal experience called Life...My only church is Nature, my only real teacher is the voice of my spirit and that of others who have touched me with their gentle truths.

What I hope you will find here is Love, a piece of Truth that resonates somewhere in your soul, a thought that makes you smile. Take what feels true to you and leave the rest behind. I honor your journey and it's unique sacredness.

Feel free to drop me a note at any time, I value your opinions. And please sign the guestbook if you take a notion. This site is under constant construction. I suppose it will be done when I am... :o)

Love, Light, & Peace...


P.S. I chat often in Stonehenge under the nickname of Dancer. Hope to see you there some time...*S