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The Poetry of Keith Vander Wees

            Keith Vander Wees is a 40 year old
            Poet, musician, artist, songwriter,
            currently residing in Thunder Bay, Ontario,

            He has graced my life with his love and
            his gentle wisdom. I am honored to both
            know and love him.

            Enjoy your time here in his Light...


Brightest star, you have shone electric hue into my life.
Encompassing the moment, leaving me in wonder...
Pebbles of your love I gently take from your hand,
tossing one out to sea and watching it fly back to me
in the form of a dove.
Lighting on my shoulder, I gently kiss it
and fondly recall all the precious moments of my life.
Written in the sand but forever lasting in time...
Words of wisdom spoken so true from the mirror,
you said you are in here...
I listen to your soul and tell you that you are my heart,
Beating with the precious song of tomorrows promise and the love of today......
with the song of tomorrows promise and the love of today


Painted Walls

Memories fleeting,
yet, in my mind, sand in soul, father of time.
Lasting forever peace deep inside,
I'll wait here in the meadow,
where our hearts reside.
Memories fleeting,
yet, in my mind, You were chosen by time and design.
Echoing laughter coming from the halls,
playfully splashing paint on the walls.
Sit down beside me and tell me your tale,
My heart and you can never fail.
Wander through my thoughts with me,
enchanted moments we've begun to see.
Memories fleeting,
yet, in my mind, I kiss your lips and my body winds.
Tethered to you by soul and grace,
Angels and God and soft white lace


Opening The Mystery

White wine, Spanish spirit, dancing,
together we make love in my mind.
Swirling empathy for you,
downward thrusting but upward looking.
Drifting consciousness-back to the womb.
Holding open the door of understanding,
relinquishing all control.
Mind bent on hell, heart bent on high heaven,
torn between the nether and the tether.
Open your mystery, push the envelope,
envelop me and send me a letter of compassion,
destroy the jealousy
and awaken the cherub within my fortitude.


Saved My Fall

My love,my soul lies naked before you
like a child emerging from the womb.
Precious are our moments together.
My heart and eyes are open for you,
Open as the sky of infinity.
You speak to me with words I sometimes don't hear,
Only to be caught up in your smile.
You appear and quash all the fear in me,
Stay here and tarry a while.
I'll think of you and hold you,
And be thankful for your love.....
Sometimes it feels to me You were sent by the dove.
Silhouettes of you at night reminding me of our fragile lives
and when death will come to call,
blend away with thoughts of you and romance
and the love that saved my fall


Warrior's Call

Near silent thoughts in my heart and soul,
over which it seems i have no control.
Quiet moments in my life to love again
and be a warrior for good and justice..
Putting the hurt of ages aside
and letting the wonder reside..
Sending thoughts of healing and patience
to the spirit,
I know there is a call for right
because in my soul I can hear it...
Entwined romance and healing promises
of the One who sent us,
Giving purpose to all life
and the breath that is in us...
Moving me to be a warrior for right,
and sending me compassion to heal
the hearts that once healed me.
I, the near silence of the waves of wisdom
find the truth within,
and send my heart down
to all that dwell in the valley....


You Have brought back the wonder.
Anticipation, Hope, Joy, we are so fortunate to feel.
You have blessed my path with your smile
and I can feel you in my breath.
Togetherness is sometimes a mystery ...
Foreverness sometimes a song...
The clouds have shelter to cover us,
the light is what keeps us strong.
Lets sing the songs of many years ago
and feel the magic turn...
Rest your weary head on mine
and build the castles yearned.


A Tear

A tear rolls down my cheek to my lips,
The taste of salt from the sky,
to my mouth, to the Earth.
Wanting to fly.
I want to spread my wings,
forget old wishes left to flounder on the floor of apathy.
You are in my thoughts as I build my deeds around you.
The warm blanket of my love will cover us
letting the rolling thunder of my passion lift us
into the eternal flame... Flame, ignite us
and send our spiritual bond into forever


Our souls meeting, walking with you along the path.
Life and light shone from a distant star,
Guided to Earth by the angels.
I waited so long for you to arrive
and now you are here.
The one that fills me,
the only one that lifted me from the darkness.
I was drowning in sorrow
and you breathed eternal fire into my mouth.
You won the war with a kiss
and the Earth stopped to listen
to the sound of our hearts beating.
I believe in your being, I live in this feeling.
Once shattered,fragile,
Lifted again to the heights of loving...


Moodiness of My Soul

Moodiness of my soul, reach in and touch my heart.
So cold ,so long,unfeeling toward the masses.
Watching them stumble, watching them cry.
We only want to be happy I can hear them say
as another young boy falls dead on the pavement.
Sadness caresses my brow.

Moodiness of my soul, reach in and touch my heart.
Lift up the downtrodden so that they may know love.
Enlighten the despised so that they may see why they are hated.

Moodiness of your soul, reach in and touch your heart.
So we will know all the mistakes we make
as we watch our brothers die...


We watch them die, The innocent ones.
Watching, ever watching...
Leaving them stranded on an Island of sorrow,
sending ships of our laughter to ease their pain.
Stealing the clothes of their backs as they sleep,
building our temporary condos,
a sanctuary from the insanity.
The masses unmoved by the suffering.
Social classes drinking to life.
Where is the justice?
Where are the heros?
Where did our hearts go?



Having it all but still wanting more...
I hunger for you...
asleep at the switch but awake at the door...
I hunger for you...
and until all the leaves have fallen
will my love to you stay true
and until I reach the final calling
will I hold on ...
hold on to you....



Kindness, I turn to you and cry,
weeping for our hearts fate has brought together...
I live in you and fly with you....
Sweet emotion running through me
like wine in my veins...
pour out your heart to me...
let me build