Yeshua Speaks

Message recieved on Easter

How vast are the numbers of those who seek Me. How willing are their spirits and how empty the words they receive. It is good that the Light of the soul feeds them for the nourishment they receive from the outside is contradictory and often meaningless.

The hands of My children are reaching upward, and they cannot long be denied an opportunity to make the choices for which they came to this planet.

The despair of the Earthly spirits is becoming great. On this day when My departure from this Earthly plane is mourned, it would be well for man to know that only the body left and that the spirit has walked among them for lo these many years and shall continue to do so until the day I return in a form all men will know.

Our Fathers gift to man was My presence, but so is My departure a gift for it gives man the opportunity to live beyond that which he can see and touch.

I wish man to know that physical death is the most transient of matters and that life is eternal, whether he chooses to believe it or not. We are all spirits in transition from the least of you, through Myself, and beyond.

I shall tell you a story. When our Heavenly Father created man to live on planet Earth, He made him perfect in every way. He gave him the gifts of the spirit and the gifts of the physical plane and abundance from all corners of the world. He gave him companions, in his form and other forms. He gave him beauty and He gave him joy. He also gave him choice, for Father in His infinite holy wisdom knew that a creature without choice would be a creature without intellect, a creature without daring and a creature without a call to a higher purpose.

In the beginning the choices were simple. To eat or not to eat, to sleep or not to sleep, to be with another or not, but even in those early choices man was given infinite joy. As man matured with the issue of choice he was given a more complex problem; the choice to obey or disobey the word of Heavenly Father. And Father knowing His beautiful creatures, knew that many were willful and that perhaps choice would be abused. He depended upon the love His creation, man, felt in his heart for Father to be His guide through these choices. He gave man the ability to say no without risking Heavenly ire, without risking eternal damnation, Knowing that with incorrect choices, as well as with correct choices, man would learn and his spirit would grow. This seems a most difficult issue for man to understand.

There are those who would still make zombies of men. Who would take away their intelligence and their will and most of all, their ability to choose, but this must never be thwarted. It must never be altered.

As man makes his choices, so he directs the path of his life and in your more complex choices you must not forget that through many life times the ability to make these choices has been keenly developed through trial and error. You must always honor choice as the God given right of every man and every woman who lives and you must always recognize evil in those who deny others the right of choice. Their concern is for the moment, Fathers concern is for eternity. Choice is the essential basic right and spiritual necessity given to each man by our Father.

Be careful in your judging of the choices others make, for the circle is large and choices alter choices, which alter choices, which alter growth. All of this leading back to My coming to planet Earth in human form and the choices of those who denied Me life and the growth of mankind because of My death and the choices of those who still seek. All things are right in their time and My death was not tragic, and this Passover message is primarily to remind you that three days passed and life went on and so it will be for you and so it will be for all men and they must have the comfo