The following were all channeled by Diana. Father took her home the 21 of April, 1997. She is a great light now, no longer restricted by the Earthly plane. Her love for the children of this world is great, and her writings the gift she left behind for us all.

Praise the name of the Father for He is the only one who can give you salvation. Father lights the way for all, but all do not choose to follow. It is the ones who do that will be received into His Kingdom.

Hold tight to His love, children, for only He can see you through the times ahead.

They get nearer everyday. Pray for the world and it's souls, for the days are fewer and fewer. Hold tight to each other and never falter from Father.

He loves you deeply and will never fail you. Trust in Him alone. It is His will that shall triumph over all. Keep your hearts open and listen closely. You must be prepared for the work that is ahead. It will be a very trying time. Never forget that Father is always at your side. All you need do is ask and it shall be given. The miracles you see will only strengthen your faith and your lives by your faith. There is so much on the horizon that your minds cannot even begin to imagine.

As the time draws nearer, use the time left to learn and to grow. New gifts will be given to you everyday. Look for them and see them for what they are. You will have what you need. So put your minds to rest and concentrate on our Lord. He will show you all that you need to know. Have faith, be strong and still. Listen with your hearts and the joy of Heaven shall be yours.

Go with God our Savior

Peace. Peace in your hearts and minds. All will be well with you. You are the chosen ones. Your jobs and this mission were chosen long ago. Understand them and accept them. Don't spend all your time doubting your gifts and yourselves. It's only taking away from the precious time left to learn. Your growth in the next few months will amaze you. Trust and believe. Heaven awaits. Be ready.

Dear Children, the light of the earth grows darker with each day. The time will soon come when the darkness will try to over take the world.

They will not be easy times for My children. But you have grown so much and will grow even more. Your faith is becoming stronger and you will cope with the darkness.

Through Father all is possible. You are about to embark on a new horizon. Full of all the wonderments of Heaven. Father is very proud of His children. You have grown well. In your new found unity, you will find much strength. All that has been told will be. Accept this and grow with each new day. There is a lot more to learn and so little time.

But you, My children of the light, you will grow and lead the many who will come in search of you. The few candles in a dark world.

Hold tight to your faith and to each other.

Go in Peace and Love