Anthony is my guardian angel, he speaks to me often and with much love. The following are transcribed writings of his wisdom and guidance. Enjoy!

It has been said that man shall grow from his choices. This growth shall occur regardless of the choice made, the only difference will be the manner of the lesson. Acceptance of Fathers will allows for easy growth, denial makes the journey home more difficult and for some virtually impossible. We all must choose our own path, our own way, and our own time. In so doing we become unique and this uniqueness should be cherished in all men.

We are all Fathers children and therefore, within us runs a stream of Holy Light. This light is our eternity, our immortality, and our greatest beauty. From it flows our ability to love, to nurture, to care, our talents, our gifts, and all of our beauty. From this silken bond we are all attached as one and yet, wholly separate and unique. From the highest to the lowest we are all bound in thought, in feeling, in spirit. Therefore, as you would hurt another, you would do well to remember, so, too, will you hurt and as you would love another, so, too, will you be loved. It is your choice it is always your choice.

You are free to choose whether or not the light within you will grow to encompass your entire being or decrease to such a point that you and all you once were become nothing more than a black void. Void of all feeling, void of all caring, and in essence void of life. For a man to destroy all the beauty within him through bitterness, through refusal to grow, through absolute hatred of all that is just and true is the greatest loss of all. It is a loss we all feel, for are we all not bound? Therefore, I say to you, send your love out into the world, expand the light within you, for others shall surely feel it and they will grow from it. Let the love of your spirit touch the spirit of another, for in this way it is possible to gently guide him home to the love of his Father who will heal his wounds and make him whole, once more a creation of love and beauty, free to live where once he was as dead.

You are the Children of the Lord, thy God. In His eternal wisdom He gave you choice so that you could come to Him of your own accord. Along with that choice He also gave you guidance. You must know that you are never alone in making your decisions unless you, yourself, choose to be.

In asking, you receive the guidance needed. You only need listen to the voice within to hear the majestic words of the Christ. It is through this guidance that you will eventually hear the words of the Father, for your soul must first be purified. The Christ alone can lead you to this purification, Unless God chooses to involve Himself, for one reason or another, in this task.

In order to find God, man must first look within himself an upon finding God there, then and only then, will he be able to realize God in the world around him. To experience divine love in others, you must first experience and accept it within yourselves. Look first within and then you will be ready to cast your glance out wards.

At such a time you will be able to radiate this divine love into the world around you. The light and love you are able to radiate will help eliminate the darkness, which is the only true battle of the Children of Light. So I say unto you, look within.

My chil