If you bring forth what is within you,
what is within you will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you,
what is within you will destroy you.

~~The Gospel of St Thomas - Gnostic Gospels~~



An Affirmation of Truth

I am in the Presence of God, and I feel love, peace and an
abiding awareness of Who I am -- His most precious child.
I am a Child of the Most High, and I know the freedom and
responsibility in my hands, in my feelings, in my thoughts.
I am fully awake as a co-creator of the Highest, and I now
send Light, Love and Blessings to each and everyone.
I am a joyful and true Instrument of God, today and every
day sharing His Love to all His creatures.

~~~Author Unknown~~~


We live in incredible times of change. The news everyday shows us that the world is changing, the fear we feel in our hearts tells us our world is changing. We ask ourselves often, "Where has the ability to love gone?" "How can children shoot children?" These times have been prophesied for a millenia.

It is time to see the truth, the battle is on going. It's not a battle that will be fought with weapons, but with love. Love for ourselves, love for our children, love for our world. The light must shine, and it must shine within us all. We will be tested, we will be tried, and with courage and faith we will overcome.

I don't see for our near future peace, but it will come in time. The immediate times will be hard, prepare as you can to survive a world turned upside down. Mostly though, find the quiet and listen to the truth within you. Follow it's guidance and learn to trust in it. For ultimately it is all you will have. It is all you are.

I have been told during other times of connection that the future is only forseeable in the most general of terms on a large scale. This is due to the fact that each individual possesses freedom of choice and can at any time alter the course of his/her life by the choices they make. Most importantly, the choice to live as a loving and peaceful child of God, or to live seperated from the essence of self which is of God. Any prophetic things that I have heard are always on a world, weather and earth changes.

At any time we can alter even these things through a stronger desire in mass to heal both ourselves and our world. The power of spirit is strong, the power of combined spirit is immeasurable. The future is not written in stone, but rather in choice. The warning is to seek Light and to seek peace...Father would never destroy His children, but might we not possibly destroy ourselves? Any warning given me has always been given with the utmost love & faith that we can change. To quote a friend "AMRAK is karma spelled backwards, GRACE is karma dispelled...transcended".

I don't see evil as an external force, it is internal and from within manifested outwardly. When it becomes an outward expression that causes harm to others, it is wrong. That does not mean that man will not learn and grow from this expression also, just simply that one should be aware that this kind of behaviour is in opposition to the Light and the highest good and comes with karmic ramifications. Rather than blindly follow and surrender your spirit to one who advocates tyranny ( as so many have in the past ) we should hold true to our own spirits wisdom....

May your dreaming bring you visions of Light untold
May the Love of your Spirit be heard upon the wind
May you dance with life in the silent knowing of the
May you resonate that which you are and shall forever be
Love eternal . . .

In peace we walk, In love we live, In forgiveness we transcend.