The choice is simple:
or continuing illusion.

Deep is our love for you who suffer
yet demand that your suffering continue.
Deep is our love for you who seek us,
only to avoid us.

You have asked,
and we have answered.
The end of the Dream is certain.
Gently nod your assent,
and the world shall be no more,
burnt forever in the blaze of Reality:
The Kingdom of Holy Father/Mother God.

Come home,
beloved children,
come home.


~~~The Jeshua Letters, A Journey of Awakening~~~
~~Marc Hammer~~


Journey with me into the quiet of your soul
Breathe deeply to the depths of your lungs
Hold the cleansing breath for a count of two
Slowly exhale and return to normal breathing

You are outdoors, in your favorite place,
The day is sunny and warm and you are completely relaxed.
A deep sense of peace and tranquility is filling you,
You begin to notice, that the light of the sun
is going from golden to radiant white.

The light encompasses you, you breathe it in,
feeling it soothe and heal, you are home.
Listen to the quiet of your breath, of your heart,
Release your question to the ethers, and hear
your wisdom, your truth, the light within you.

You are now one with all that is, has been,
or ever will be. You know this place,
You know the voice, you are at peace.
It is here you are one with God.
It is here you are free.

Had an incredible meditation..I put myself back in the clearing in the woods where I saw the floating orbs and pyramids in my meditation yesterday and again dreams this morning.

The clearing is beautiful, it shimmers with a golden light and there is the presence of many guides and Masters. I was told to take in the colored pyramids of energy through my breath and to house them in my for the root, an orange one for the second, a radiant yellow one for the solar plexus, green for the heart, blue for the throat, a deep violet for the third eye, and an intensely golden one for the crown...having done this and spending sometime absorbing the energy of each, I was told to connect them all with a cord running from the crown down the center to the root.

I was next was shown a golden orb, seemed small and as I focused on it, it became large enough to enter...such love and warmth within it..I knelt within it and a beautiful being of light layed his hand over my crown until it pulsed with energy and the energy descended down the cord until my whole spine pulsed with energy and then the orb itself began to ascend..upwards through the stars to the golden galaxy..landing softly on a planet within.

The planet was much like earth except with a golden sky and everything was so lush and the water so pure and the birds so bright with color...everything shimmered with guide told me this is what we come to create...

Than the orb ascended into space the darkness of space i could see a ring of fire, not knowing I asked what it was..was told that the ring of fire was the one on Earth, not merely a place where plates shift and collide but a portal for the release of astral and discarnate energies after Mother had absorbed all that she could..and then he sent the ring energy and it flared up and I could see a crack open into a huge crevice and the astrals poured out from within the depths of Mother...there where millions of them...flying out in insane energy, dark and black...some grouped together in swirls and howled across the planet like winds gone insane...others fell into the clear waters making them murky and dark, draining them of life, some to the forests, clinging to the trees smothering the life out of them and many attached themselves to all instances what they touched, left unhampered, they killed..

He then told me that they could be healed if enough light workers here understood what was really happening..these beings can be wrapped within the orbs of light by us and held within them until the Masters can gather them and heal them and send them back to the Light/Love of home...

Mother is on overload from our neglect of these astral energies that we create and release...and they will be let loose...are being let loose...he showed me how to visualize wrapping them in an orb of golden light, it will hold them, gently within love without harming them...saw the shafts of light descend and carry the astrals within their orbs home....healed, enlightened, divine.